Using Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight text-to-html publishing format. You can use markdown to format text, create links, integrate images and videos, and everything in-between. It's compatible with our Simple Text element and can be used in lieu of html. Markdown is so easy and intuitive, you've probably already used it.

Here are some very basics:

  • *single asterisks*: italic text
  • **double asterisks**: bold text
  • `single backticks`: inline code
  • [Example]( Example: link to a website
  • ![Image Name]( inline image.

To learn how to do more, like create tables, lists, different sized headings and more, refer to this markdown syntax tutorial by John Gruber, markdown's creator.

You can also use StackEdit, a free in-browser markdown editor. Use buttons and shortcuts to style text and introduce visual elements, then copy and paste the markdown text into your Simple Text element.