Setting up an email-for-download element

Connecting directly to your fans is vitally important and your mailing list is one of the best ways to maintain those relationships. This is one of the most popular tools in our platform.

What you’ll need:

  • A storage connection, we recommend an Amazon S3 account for reliability
  • A file or release set up in Assets with fulfillment files attached
  • An email list either created or connected in the People section

Once your download and list are set up, head to your Main Page and either create a new campaign or choose an already existing one. Click on add element and select Email Collection. Give the element a name for your own internal reference. Select the asset you'd like to offer for download (or none if you're not offering one.) Select the list you'd like people to sign up to. And lastly, edit the default messages.

Note the Skip email verification checkbox. If left unchecked then anyone signing up will be emailed to confirm the address is legitimate. Be sure to check your email settings in the system settings menu. If you check the box you are essentially trusting that any emails given are legitimate. You'll get more sign-ups, but with less guarantee that they're legit.

Once the element is created either embed it on your site or publish the campaign page and you're done.