Setting up a secure download

What you’ll need:

  • A storage connection, we recommend an Amazon S3 account
  • A file or release asset with fulfillment files attached

If you want to set up a free download accessible only to a pre-approved list of people, you’ll need to use our Secure Download element.

Start with your asset. After you’ve added your file or release, open the asset’s settings section. You’ll see an option to add the item to your inventory. Here is where you’ll give it a public title and description, set the price, and enable "pay-at-least" pricing if you like.

Tip: All the files you attach to a given release will be downloaded separately. For instance, if you're offering an album and attach 12 mp3 files and two artwork files, whoever accesses your release through one of our elements will have to individually download all fourteen files. Consider compressing all your files into a zip file.

Next, head over to People. You’ll want to either create a new list or edit an existing one—make sure that everyone you want to have access to your download is on the list you’ll use. To create a new list, click Add a new list, give it a private name and description, and then save your changes. When you click to edit it, you’ll be able to batch add contacts. If you already have a list, you can skip the setup and click Edit to start batch adding contacts right away. Once you’re done, save and head back to the main page.

Finally, select the campaign you’re working on, click the Add button, and then select Secure Download. Choose the mailing list and downloadable asset, Click Next, give your element a private name, then click Save changes.