Selling a physical item

What you'll need:

  • A PayPal connection

To get started, head over to the Commerce section. If this is your first time here click the Commerce Settings link at the bottom of the page and select which currency you'd like to use.

Next, select Inventory from the submenu. Click Add an item, and you'll be prompted to give a public name and description for the item as well as price, quantity, and whether or not there's a digital fulfillment file.

Be sure to check the Physical goods? box, and then save your changes.

Now go to your campaign and create a Single Purchase element. Give it a name for your own reference. Select the item and PayPal connection you'd like to use. Tweak messages until your heart's content.

Once the element is created and you're ready to go live, either embed it or publish the campaign page.

When a customer buys your music, they'll go off-site to PayPal for the transaction and return to a confirmation page. If you included a digital fulfillment file with the purchase of your physical product, the confirmation page will include download options, The customer will also receive a one-time use code to unlock the download just in case they're on their phone or tablet.

All completed orders will show up in your Commerce section. You can also find details on every order, manage inventory, and export orders at any time there.