Selling a digital download

This tool lets you sell digital downloads using your own S3 and PayPal accounts. It’s a simple and efficient way to sell music directly from your site.

What you'll need:

  • A storage connection—we recommend an Amazon S3 account
  • A file or release asset with fulfillment files attached
  • A PayPal connection

Start with your asset. After you’ve added your file or release open the asset’s settings section. You’ll see an option to add the item to your inventory. Here is where you’ll give it a public title and description, set the price, and enable "pay-at-least" pricing if you like.

If you're using a release asset be sure you've added any files you want included in the download as "fulfillment files" — the customer will be able to download all of these.

Go to your campaign and create a Single Purchase element. Give it a name for your own reference. Now select the item and Paypal connection you'd like to use. Tweak messages until your heart's content.

Once the element is created and you're ready to go live either embed it or publish the campaign page.

When a customer buys your music they'll go off-site to Paypal for the transaction and return to a confirmation page with download options. They will also receive a one-time use code to unlock the download just in case they're on their phone or tablet.

All completed orders will show up in your Commerce section. You can also find details on every order, manage inventory, and export orders at any time there.