Publishing a campaign page

Once you've set up a campaign and are ready to publish your page click the edit icon and select Page theme. It'll prompt you to choose a light or dark theme for your page.

Click on the campaign's edit icon again to open your page template. It includes an editor and some basic html code. If you're a novice and aren't sure what this code means, don't worry! We've made it really easy. Just look for

. There's an empty line after it. Click there.

All of your campaign elements are listed to the right of the template. Just click the + sign to embed the elements you'd like to publish on your page. You can also include any custom html or css you'd like. Once you're all done, click Save changes.

Now that you're back on your main page, scroll down until you see a box that says Publish Settings. Select your campaign from the drop-down menu, and when asked if you're sure about changing your public page, select Yes, do it.

You can go back and edit your campaign at any time, add new elements, change themes - you name it. Also, if you want to unpublish your campaign, just scroll back down to Publish settings and select None from the dropdown menu.