Creating download cards with Microsoft Word

What you'll need:

  • Microsoft Word
  • An asset—either a file or a release
  • Your album artwork, if you want to include it on your download card

Step 1: Create and export your download codes

1 - Log into your admin panel and navigate to Assets.

2 - Select your file or release, scroll down to Asset Settings, and add however many download codes you need.

3 - After clicking Add codes, you'll see an Export them! link. Click it to download a CSV file with all your codes.


Step 2: Create a Word document for your labels

1 - Open Microsoft Word and create a new blank document.

2 - From the Tools menu, select Mail Merge Manager.

3 - If you're on a Mac, a floating window will appear, and if you're using Windows, a side-panel will open. From this window/panel, select Create New and then Labels.

4 - Choose a label template. You can browse through a variety of labels, and their dimensions will be listed to the right. If you click on Details, you can find out how many labels there are across and down each page.

💡 Tip: If you're unsure which template to go with, Avery 5376 - Business Card will create 10 cards per page, Avery 5962 - Address will create 14 cards per page, and Avery 5961 - Address will create 20 cards per page. The business cards are a good size to include in LPs, and the smaller cards fit nicely in CD jackets and cassette cases.


5 - Click Get List and then Open Data Source. Look for the CSV file you downloaded earlier, and open it.

6 - You'll be asked to select the encoding that makes your document readable. Leave it set to the default, and click OK.

7 - You'll be prompted to create a sample label. Enter the text you want to have appear on your download cards, remember to include the URL where people can redeem the code, and then select code from the Insert Merge Field dropdown menu. When you're done, click OK. You'll see a page of download cards with placeholder text such as <<Next Record>> and <<code>>.


8 - Continue customizing your download cards. You only need to edit the first card—the rest can be updated to match later. You can change the card's wording, stylize the text, and even add design features.


9 - Optional: To insert an image, click anywhere on the first card. Next, from the menu, select Insert, then Photo, and finally Picture from File. Locate the album cover on your computer and click Insert. Select the image and resize it if necessary. The Format Picture toolbar should be open by default at the top of the screen, but if it isn't, double-click the image to open it. Click Position and choose the appropriate text wrapping.


10 - When you're happy with the way your first download card looks, click Fill in the items to complete your document, or this button: mail_merge_fill-in.gif, and the other download cards will update to match the first one. If the formatting of the subsequent cards seems a bit different to you, remember that the <<Next Record>> placeholder text will disappear once you merge your download code data.


Step 3: Complete the merge and print your download cards

1 - When you're ready to fill in your template with codes, click Merge to new document, or this button merge_to_new_document.gif.

2 - A new document will open featuring all your download cards, each with a different code listed. Save this document, print it, and it's ready to be cut into individual cards.