How you can help - non-development

This list is going to change a lot, and right now anything on it probably needs a little more explanation than a few sentences, so if you're interested don't be shy. You can get in touch at:

Building this is about a lot more than just coding. Things like:

  • documentation - including walkthroughs, screen-captures, and basic setup.
  • support - helping answer questions, screen bug reports, and help teach people how to use the platform
  • QA - quality assurance. We've run an automated test suite to test basic framework functionality, and we work hard to make sure it's as complete as possible. But there are tests that just need a human hand, things like running the installer on different hosts or eyeballing screens to make sure they look correct.
  • copywriting - every screen in the admin has a help file. Most of them currently have no more than a sentence worth of explanation, usually about how helpful the help files will be once they're written. We need to standardize the process of writing copy so we can ultimately prepare the platform for internationalization.