Connecting an Amazon S3 account

Why Amazon S3?

An Amazon S3 connection is used to store and access files for assets. We recommend it because it's secure, reliable, and fast.

While it's a paid service, new users get one free year. After that, you still only pay for what you use. For most artists, it'll work out to mere pennies per month. You can learn more about their pricing here.

Step by step

To set up a connection to S3 you first need to sign up for an Amazon Web Services account at After that, you're just a few quick steps away from setting everything up.

First, log into your Amazon Web Services account, click My Account in the upper-right-hand corner, and select Security Credentials. You'll be prompted to choose between security credentials and getting started with IAM Users. Select Continue to Security Credentials.

From the next page, click Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key) to expand the section. From here, click Create New Access Key. You'll see a prompt. Click Show Access Key and copy both the access key and secret key. Then, click Download Key File before closing the prompt. Keep the file you just downloaded somewhere safe, since you'll need it if you ever want to view your secret access key again.

Now, head back to the CASH Music platform, and click the gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner. Click the Connections button and select the Amazon Web Services button. You'll be asked for your access key and your secret key. After you've entered them, click Add The Connection and you're all set.


Getting your API credentials:
Go to 'security credentials' then copy the Key ID and Access Key